Splendid Palace

Cinema Splendid Palace was a dream of cinema enthusiast Vasiliy Yemiljanov. In 1923, the cinema opened its doors to visitors, inviting them to look into another world, forcing them to forget their daily worries, indulge in the magic of cinema and find themselves in another reality. For almost 100 years, the cinema Splendid Palace has been faithfully showing its visitors high-quality original cinema, world and European art-house films, as well as cinema masterpieces that have won recognition at world film festivals. The movie theatre is also the home of Latvian national cinema and shows its visitors live opera broadcasts and recordings from the most famous opera houses, thus paying tribute to Latvian artists. What’s more, Splendid Palace is a favoured place for organising numerous film festivals and has been a home place for many of them year after year. The cinema Splendid Palace is not only a meeting point for the visitors and the movies, but it’s also where the entire creative team of the film meets each individual.

Splendid Palace is the place where cinema is celebrated!